MachineView™ (Force, AE, A, Multisensing)

Error proof Solution

MachineView™ (Force, AE, A, Multisensing)

Error proof Solution

MachineView™ (AE, A, Multisensing)


should we use a

process monitoring monitor?

  • Since it is impossible to check the occurrence of defective products in real time, all LOT is inspected, which takes unnecessary time and money.
  • Defective products are produced because the troubles in the process cannot be grasped in real time, resulting in quality troubles and delays in delivery.
  • Tool breakage can damage the machine, increase the cost of tool, and cause poor quality.
  • It takes a lot of manpower and time and hinders factory automation because one operator has to be dedicated to one machine to monitor the process for any troubles.

With the introduction of the MV880 that uses artificial intelligence to automatically monitor processes,
   you can improve your productivity and quality through real-time production data collection and
quality inspection, and reduce manufacturing costs. “


use 3View’s MachineView™

rather than other process monitoring monitors?





This is because, MV880 enables reliable detection of defects by precisely catching even minute changes, while minimizing productivity reduction due to unnecessary machine shutdown.

Enhance defect detection
capability with AI

Existing process monitoring monitors were
considered good if the forming force was within tolerance.

However, MV880 can be immediately judged as a defective product
if a forming force pattern different from that of the existing product is detected, even though the Forming force is within the tolerance range through a proprietary pattern analysis algorithm through AI.

대지 1머신뷰
대지 2머신뷰

Check process state
changes using Machine learning

Self-collecting and learning product molding data, as well as changing the conditions of the machine over long periods of operation.

It provides a range of Forming force that can clearly detect defective products without hindering productivity by learning the conditions of production of goods, and automatically calibrates the real-time monitoring conditions by learning the temperature changes or process characteristics of the machine to prevent unnecessary macine shutdown.


01   AI Teaching to detect precise forming conditions

02   Easy-to-use operation

03   Barcode scanner, various digital meter connections

04  Product management, tool life management

05  Supports building up smart factory system
      by interface with FactoryView™ package

As is

Poor quality, quality deterioration

Increased cost of rework, quality inspection

Delay in delivery due to reduced production efficiency

Systematic process control not possible

Overstock aginst tool damage

Unable to determine cause of defect, recurrence of defect

One machine dedicated to one operator

Writing and collecting work journals by handwriting









To be

Real-time pressure monitoring / control

Forming force trend analysis

Detection of defective products by AI

Machine learning capability to learn(teaching) production conditions

Tool life management life expectancy forecast

Fault detection History Analysis

Output management / support for unmanned manufacturing

Interworking SPC, POP, and MES system

Expectation effectiveness

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Reduce quality costs by early detection
of defective products

대지 74아이콘2

Quality improvement through forming force analysis and defect history analysis

대지 82아이콘2

Production process management
linked with FactoryView™