ProcessView™ POP +AI*

Production point management system that grasps production data on site in real time

*AI :  Data from Force , AE(Acoustic Emission )  Acceleration sensors

ProcessView™ POP +AI*

Production point management system that grasps production data on site in real time

*AI :  Data from Force , AE(Acoustic Emission )  Acceleration sensors

ProcessView™ POP +AI

FactoryView™ Starter is a Point of Production (POP) system collects real-time data from production sites.

Visualize production status to help intuitive production management and maximize production efficiency.

” What gets measured gets managed. what gets managed gets improved. “

Customer needs

Planning is difficult because production data is not captured in real time.

It is difficult to cope with urgent orders.

Real-time quality control in the field does not work properly.

They want to grasp machine efficiency to solve problems and reduce costs.

They want to know the real-time factory status and monthly production plans all at once at the office.

At the 1st. step in production management starts with the
POP system.

” If the real-time situation of the site is unknown,
it is impossible to know whether the production is
proceeding according to the production plan.”

FactoryView™Starter aggregate the production information from each machine and provide all the information necessary for production management, including how much today’s production is, how much machine is operating as planned, how many defects are occurring and so on.


Grasp situation

Monitor the production status at the production site or in the situation room


Connecting bar code readers, Mitutoyo digital instruments, etc.

Inspection and Analysis

Quality inspection and analysis


Management of the forming force trend of the processing machine in conjunction with MachineView ™


Expandable with FactoryView™ MES

Main function

4M Change

By applying 4M (Man, Machine, Material, Method) change management for each process, it is possible to record and manage who produced which product at which facility and when.

By analyzing the causes of problems or defects through the preserved data, you can stabilize the process and eliminate the causes of quality problems.


It provides the function to check the real-time equipment operation status and past operation history.

When the equipment is not operating, the reason for the non-operation can be entered to statistically analyze the cause of the shutdown.

Integrated operational history and production performance data enable comprehensive machine efficiency analysis, contributing to productivity improvement and cost reduction.

Real-time data

Data from the machine can be collected in real time and viewed in one place at the same time.

Various information such as real-time production performance, machine operation status, quality inspection, and joint judgment are provided, and the desired information can be printed on the situation room or site situation board.

Statistical process management

It provides analysis results of quality measurement data collected from field terminals using various analysis techniques such as X bar R chart.

By tracking changes in quality factors, you can detect, respond to, or improve anomalies before they occur.

Tool life management

Automatically calculates the too usage for each machine and issues a warning when the set life expectancy is reached.

Main function